Pacific International Capital

About Us

Pacific International Capital is a service-disabled-veteran-owned business consisting of a dedicated team of international business and financial professionals who leverage decades of transactional and relevant operational experience in business, military and government to provide strategic business, financial and risk management solutions that deliver maximum value for our clients.

We provide conflict-free, transparent, and value-driven investment banking and advisory services for companies with annual revenues from $10 to $100 million.  We combine senior level operational experience and global access to capital with a commitment to clients and investors to deliver services and value that are no longer available from larger banks. Pacific International Capital works with family offices, private banks, and financial institutions on every continent to provide capital necessary to fuel growth and corporate advisory services to assist companies through changing global business environments and emerging market opportunities.

Our Philosophy

  • Mission: Create Maximum Value to Clients and Investors
  • Values: Confidentiality, Transparency and Integrity
  • Methods: Strategic, Creative, and Focused
  • Metrics: Quantitative, Comparative, and Results oriented

Our Advantage

  • Conflict-free: Independent - with no conflicts of interest
  • Transparent: Full disclosure of activities and client options
  • Global reach: Worldwide access to capital – expanded client options
  • ExperienceDiversified sector experience – focused approach
  • Management: Creative thinking, senior level operating experience, and financial expertise
  • Contacts: Access to global capital sources, contacts, and business opportunities
  • Value Driven: Create maximum value for our clients