Pacific International Capital


Pacific International’s Automotive Sector Team has extensive automotive industry experience. Our team leverages its unique sector skills, established relationships, and decades of operating, development, and marketing experience in the automotive industry with major OEM vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket parts producers in the commercial, defense and motorsports markets.

Our Automotive Sector Team excels in domestic and international markets including, automotive manufacturers, automotive specialty manufacturers, motorsports and motorsport complexes such as California Speedway, and defense contractor acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, joint ventures, recapitalizations, corporate restructurings, spin-offs, exchange offers, management and leveraged buyouts and takeover defenses. Our Automotive Sector Team has been involved with the design, development, and manufacturing of automotive vehicles and components for consumer, commercial and defense vehicles, hybrid vehicles, aftermarket parts and accessories production, motorsports operations, and defense programs.

Automotive Sector Team:

  • Michael Skellern: Defense, Security, Motorsports, OEM and Performance Parts
  • Charles Packard: Motorsport Facilities Development and Strategic Divestitures
  • Fabrice Brassart: European Automotive OEMs, Hybrid Vehicles, Automotive Technologies
  • Shesh Sharma: Major Automobile OEM, Concept Vehicles, Product Engineering, Research & Development, Testing