Pacific International

Global Corporate Development

Pacific International develops, merges, acquires, restructures and manages global business opportunities based on sound market intelligence, effective strategies and tactical resources that deliver near term results and long term benefits.  We conduct comprehensive business and market intelligence which leads to the development of comprehensive strategies and effective planning with well-defined objectives and execution tactics which deliver measurable results and enduring corporate benefits. 

Mergers and Acquisitions: We develop merger and acquisition strategies based on sound business intelligence and comprehensive market research which enable our team and our clients to target, plan, and initiate sound merger and acquisition strategies that meet our client’s corporate, integration, market and financial objectives.  Our corporate development specialists consist of experienced international former public and provide executives, chief financial officers, legal, and financial institution leaders.

Product and Program Development: We have developed, merged, acquired, restructured and managed several projects for leading multinationals and emerging companies.  Our projects include the design, development, and implementation of several consumer products, packaging and programs for major international industrial manufacturers and retailers. We have facilitated equity and debt financing to support the commercialization of emerging products and technologies, and fuel corporate growth.

Strategic Alliance Development:  Rapid and effective international market expansion is greatly enhanced in combination with the right partner.  We locate local strategic alliances with companies which have the political savvy, cultural sensitivity, and established business and government relationships to provide the right internal alliance or partnership. We also prepare and position our clients for a safe exit just in case the relationship is not consummated or does not develop as expected. For the most part strategic alliances fortify global enterprises, as it is virtually impossible to conduct fully global commerce without them.  Our teams find the synergies, analyze the gaps, put forward the candidates, conduct the necessary due diligence, and negotiate the alliance on behalf of the client if desired. We facilitate the process, we don’t dictate the solution.

Restructuring Solutions:  We provide a comprehensive range of restructuring services by providing seasoned legal professionals, case managers, crisis communications support, financial resources, and customer service to meet the need of clients and the demands of the restructure process.  Our team prepares for corporate restructuring by developing a strategic plan, re-structure options and providing pre-filing and post receivership advisory. 

Equity and Debt Financing:  Our team has worked with the world’s top international financial institutions to provide effective financial solutions, including more than $500 million in international equity and debt financing for acquisitions.  We have also tailored private equity solutions to meet the capital requirements of several companies.


AVIATION Industry Practice

Whether you’re building a regional airline, acquiring or selling an aircraft, leasing a jet, chartering a cargo aircraft, or responding to an emergency evacuation, we are the one resource you need.  Our team has Commercial, Military and Government Aircraft marketing and sales experience ranging from airline marketing programs and sales – to executive jets, cargo, and rotary aircraft sales and leasing. Whether your program deals in commercial aircraft marketing and the particular needs of this extremely competitive space, or whether military and government programs are contemplated, the needs of our clients and their objectives are well served.


AUTOMOTIVE Industry Practice

We have designed, developed, built and operated automotive vehicles, parts and accessories for commercial enterprises, motorsports operations, and military programs. Our automotive industry experience allows us to provide our clients with effective automotive corporate development strategies. Our goal is to locate, develop and execute mergers or acquisitions that facilitate seamless organizational integration, provide economies of scale, and facilitate expansive growth. 


CONSTRUCTION Industry Practice

Whether you are involved in project finance, development or construction, whether in mature markets like Europe and North America, or in the far reaches of emerging countries, we are the one resource you need. Our experience and effective resources are the keys to successfully arranging the international chessboard of collaborating contractors who are able to facilitate their respective pieces for a favorable outcome.  Our seasoned international team has experience in several construction disciplines as well as real estate and building materials resources to assist in keeping the chessboard tilted in your favor.  Our teams work together with our clients and insure seamless cooperation with team members and others such as government and regulatory agencies, contractors, and legal representatives, to insure that the process proceeds to completion as efficiently, transparently and expeditiously as possible. 


DEFENSE & SECURITY Industry Practice

We have sourced and developed effective defense and security programs for our clients.  We have leveraged our global resources to respond to government, military and defense program requirements to immediately deliver the right resources and programs which have led to multi-million dollar defense and security contract awards. Our teams address the issues which are likely to affect our clients and never stop thinking defensively to keep our clients informed of potential threats, vulnerabilities and repercussions.  We are also experts in nuanced messaging for delicate markets on foreign soil and have served as spokespersons for major corporations, industry sectors, and the U.S. Government.


ENERGY Industry Practice

Whether your particular energy project involves oil and gas or alternative energy, we are the one resource you need.  Our energy industry experience ranges from oil and gas, nuclear, solar, and wind production to energy transportation. Our team is acutely aware of the rapidly evolving energy market including, evolving technologies, production and distribution trends which affect each sector and source. We have developed business and profitable relationships from Latin America to Asia and Russia, as well as extensive experience in North and Southeast Asia and Australia from both the business side and from the operations side.  In this sector more than any other, deep and relevant experience is critical to establishing credibility when entering new markets and developing new relationships and strategic partnerships.  We take tremendous pride in our ability to positively impact commerce in this slightly more traditional and yet rapidly evolving field.  Our team members extend our clients level of expertise and operate.


MARITIME Industry Practice

Whether you build, ship, or operate in the maritime sector, we are the one resource you need for corporate development.  We have provided our maritime expertise to governments, port operators, vessel owners, and terminal operators worldwide.  Our experience ranges from initial market entry to defining and delivering new business and acquisition opportunities while insuring that your investment is secure and your assets are protected.  Maritime law and commerce have their own set of rules.  Our legal teams work hand in hand to insure that your investment in new markets is structured properly and complies with trade and regulatory requirements. Our business development team leverages in country government and business contacts to facilitate rapid business development and growth. Whether you building a port, terminal, vessel, or shipping containers around the world, we are the one strategic and tactical resource you need to build your business and protect your investment.



Whether you’re breaking ground, constructing an office tower, developing a distribution center, or managing a real estate investment fund, we are the one contact you need.  Whether you’re at home or abroad – developing the right plan depends on effective due diligence, regulatory knowledge, proper legal structure, local relationship management, entitlements, and development of a risk management plan that protects your investment. Our offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia can provide your company with the resources to obtain critical market entry intelligence and real estate opportunities and provide the right strategic alliance and business opportunity. Our legal practice makes sure that legal issues are covered and you meet regulatory compliance mandates. Our risk management practice insures that you assets are protected and personnel are secure. 



Whether you’re developing or marketing software or making chips in an outsourced manufacturing facility, we are the one strategic and tactical resource you need.  Acquiring companies and integrating markets is the key to maximizing revenue, minimizing costs and expanding profit margins in high tech industries.  It is essential for an enterprise to be abreast of the factors which impact costs, target markets, and manage risk as these relationships can make or break a transaction or a business.  Our consultants from the various high tech industries across the spectrum from software to satellites work together with our clients and in seamless cooperation with other team members to make the corporate development process as profitable, efficient and transparent as possible.