Pacific International Capital

Defense and Security

Pacific International’s Defense and Security team includes former senior defense industry executives, law enforcement, intelligence, counterterrorism and special operations personnel with specific skills, established relationships, and decades of experience on every continent that enable us to develop successful strategies and ensure effective execution. 

With operating experience in many of the world’s most hazardous environments, we understand the challenges that face governments and businesses – and the consequences of poor planning and failed execution. Collecting comprehensive information and accurately assessing that information is critical to the development of effective strategies and allocation of appropriate resources to lower execution risk and optimize outcomes.

Defense Sector Leaders:

  • Michael Skellern: Intelligence, Surveillance Systems, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Transportation Security, Tactical and Diplomatic Security, Aircraft and Vehicles
  • Nicolas Ware: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations, Security and Investigations
  • Chuck Packard: Aircraft, Parts and Maintenance Operations, Aviation Finance