Pacific International

Maritime Solutions

Our international teams of Maritime industry executives, security, and special operations personnel have the unique skills, established relationships, and substantial maritime risk management experience.

We have managed and created several risk management programs for commercial and government organizations including commercial and military ports, shipping lines, vessel owners, and terminal operators.

We have been responsible for the development and installation of interoperable surveillance, detection, and monitoring systems that facilitate coordinated responses to asymmetrical threats to commercial, government and military assets and installations, including U.S. Navy and NATO ports in the United States and Europe.


Project Development
New market entry for shipping lines and terminal operators provide substantial challenges and risk.  We provide complete project feasibility from initial identification through commencement of construction and operation.  These include

  • Due diligence
  • Feasibility studies
  • Legal support
  • Government relations
  • Regulatory, licensing and entitlement
  • Strategic partner investigation
  • Risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation:
 In addition to supply chain cargo security our services extend to vessel security, crew security training, anti-piracy defense operations and piracy interdiction programs. We conduct in-country due diligence, regulatory and government relations management for new terminal operators.  Our security teams can prepare enterprise wide risk management programs for your maritime company through training, communications, countermeasures, and more aggressive methodologies.  As in other industries, our expertise crosses the spectrum from safety to business practices, with improved risk mitigation and insurance options.You can depend on us…major governments, commercial, and military ports around the world have.

Shipping Line and Vessel Services Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions: in the ever expanding and contracting world of M&A in the maritime industries, experience in structuring acquisitions specific to the particular nuances of the circumstances is critical to success. To this end, we have built our teams with total services in mind. On a moment’s notice we can call them together, bringing a vast assortment of skills from industry, government, the legal profession, the accounting profession, and others to bear on the situation under consideration, whether the client is a business acquiring or being acquired.

International Maritime Strategic Partnership Development: globalization has made it attractive in many cases to engage locally while thinking internationally. Our business relationships straddle the globe and we have operated on every continent. This breadth and our attention to detail in building relationships for ourselves provide us with the necessary expertise to guide our clients into their own strategic partnerships. We have industry representation, commercial and legal consultants, and numerous other resources available to our clients worldwide.