Pacific International Capital

In today’s rapidly changing global markets, products and services become obsolete long before the end of their lifecycles. Strategic decisions to innovate, restructure and grow are essential to achieve organizational excellence. Let us help you create opportunities to leverage the value of your company’s business platform through innovative product and operating strategies that deliver dynamic market differentiation, improved financial and operating performance that enables your organization to outperform its competitors and ensure market sustainability.

Corporate Development

Our global operating experience, creative thinking and expansive resources provides dynamic business opportunities, product innovation, improved organizational performance and shareholder value

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Divestitures and Carve-outs
  • Creative Transactions to Optimize Value
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

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Strategy and Risk Advisory

We develop effective strategies to innovate, expand and improve organizational performance and risk mitigation initiatives to protect products, markets and organizations from unintended consequences.

  • Strategic Planning and Operational Optimization
  • Rapid Resolution of Complex Business Challenges
  • Risk Avoidance, Acceptance, Reduction or Transfer
  • Intellectual Property Protection and Recovery

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Capital Strategies

Our operating and financial leadership experience and access to capital sources provides client companies with financing options that provide the "right" capital" for your organization to fuel growth and build value.

  • Capital Strategies
  • Strategic Investors  
  • Equity and Debt Capital Structures
  • Mergers and Acquisition Financing

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